Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate

Ed Parker

Although it is true that Kenpo roots date back to ancient China, the "Ed Parker system of Kenpo" also known as American Kenpo, is one of the most comprehensive and contemporary systems taught today. Ed Parker was considered a pioneer in the martial arts field, unafraid to make changes and enhancements to the Kenpo system, he literally disassembled, analyzed, and rebuilt Kenpo to fit today's environment. Armed with basic principles and concepts of motion, students not only learn the "how's" of movements, but also the "Why's". Today's American Kenpo is about 90% Ed Parker's creation.

Kenpo simply put is "pure intelligence of thought and motion". These innovations are what make his Kenpo system practical and logical. Mr. Parker also "Americanized" the system to make the terminology easier to understand and learn.

Ed Parker believed that a Karate system should be tailored to the individual because there are many different body types, and sizes and what might work for one may not work for another. He also believed in not keeping the system static. Ed Parker always believed in keeping an open mind.

The students of Kenpo come from all walks of life: students, housewives, athletes, construction workers, nurses, policemen, security guards, senior citizens, children and many others. Once again age, sex, natural ability, is never a negative factor, anyone can learn these skills. Most people study Kenpo for the practical self-defense techniques to protect themselves and their loved ones. Some like the sport aspect of training and compete in tournaments to test and refine their fighting or form skills. Others may want to enhance their spiritual being which is a product of dedicated training and usually comes with the seasoning of time. Whatever the reason, the benefits that Kenpo has to offer are always positive and many; for mind, body, and spirit!

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